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  • Kenny Levias
    Sales & Leasing Specialist
    (503) 525-6248


    Kenny has been in automotive sales for over 12 years and is going on 3 years at Mercedes-Benz of Portland. Prior this phase in his career, Kenny was the top performing retail salesmen at Saks 5th Avenue for 12 years! Kenny really appreciates working with a top-of-the-line product and his customers respect him for his honesty. When he isn't at work, Kenny loves motorcycling and spending time with his wife of 16 years, Lori, and his daughter, Hailee. He takes his family to wonderful places like Hawaii and Las Vegas whenever possible!

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  • Bruce Stromenger
    Sales & Leasing Specialist


    Bruce was born and raised in New Jersey, but moved to Minnesota later in his childhood to complete high school.  He then attended the University of Minnesota, and during that period, got married and had his two sons.  In his free time, Bruce enjoys boating, fishing, playing guitar and hitting a round of golf.

    Because of his bubbly personality, he was offered a sales position after purchasing his first car at Beaverton Nissan in 1977 and six months later, he entered the finance department.  Years later, he moved up from used car to new car, then eventually general sales manager at Broadway Toyota.  After his venture with Toyota, he moved to Seattle to work for Lexus for two years, then made his way to Mercedes-Benz of Portland in 2010 where he's been ever since.

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  • Chan Saechao
    Sales & Leasing Specialist


    Chan Saecho has over thirteen years of luxury auto sales and lease experience at not only Mercedes-Benz, but also Toyota and BMW.  He loves cars and people.  His hobbies include fishing, golf, travel, playing pool and biking.  His first experience with a Mercedes Benz was his 2007 E350, which he still owns and loves to this day, but his dream car is a new 2015 S550 coupe (white with red interior).  He loves to provide an amazing customer experience and his favorite experience would have to be when he drove a customer's new car home for her birthday, with a big bow on it.  She opened her front door and the smile on her face was priceless.

  • Dale Acelar
    Sales & Leasing Specialist
    (503) 208-7409


    Dale was born and raised in Portland Oregon. After graduating from Cleveland High School in SE Portland, he moved to the Philippines and attended De La Salle University. Dale worked as an actor/model/TV Show host in the Philippines before returning home to his hometown. He has two amazing children, His son Dache who is 8 and his daughter Vivienne who is 4.

    Dales has always been passionate about Mercedes-Benz. He was given his first as a gift for his 16th birthday. Since then he has owned twelve different Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Being with Mercedes-Benz allows Dale to share his passion with other owners and future owners. He is excited to be working at Mercedes-Benz of Portland because at Mercedes-Benz, it's the best or nothing.
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  • Nick Gunderson
    Sales/Leasing Specialist & AMG Expert


    Nick grew up in Portland, attending Sellwood Middle School and then Cleveland High School. He got his first job selling cars at Volkswagen at the age of 19. After a year, he decided to attend college at Boise State for a couple of years. While he was in Boise, he became a wild land firefighter for 3 years and did bartending on the side. After moving back to Portland in 2010, he continued bartending at a couple of different locations downtown. 5 years of bartending experience passed before he decided to get back in to sales, and applied with Beaverton Toyota. After a brief stay with them, he jumped at the opportunity to work for Mercedes-Benz of Portland, where he has been for over a year now.

    He absolutely loves his job here because of the brand and the people he gets to work with. When he is not at work he loves to watch any sport that is playing, but particularly the Blazers and the 49ers. His go-to sport is baseball, and his team is the Giants. He's played baseball his entire life even in to his 20's when he participated in an adult league. He also plays a lot of golf and likes to work out at the gym.

  • Austin Manning
    Sales & Leasing Specialist
    (503) 525-6223


    Austin is a Phoenix native who spent the first 20 years of his life in the desert before relocating to the Pacific Northwest, an area he was struck by and has called home since 2005.  After moving to Portland he met a young woman who through luck, persistence, and a little charm, he eventually made his wife.  In his spare time you can find him hiking, drumming, or trying to convince himself he can golf.

    Austin began his career in the automotive industry in 2014 right here at Mercedes-Benz of Portland.  He hails from a service industry background, managing several local restaurants and taverns prior to joining the Mercedes-Benz family.  With many years in the service industry and his current endeavor in sales, he's been taking care of people and making folks happy for a long time.

  • Ben Maddox
    Sales & Leasing Specialist


    Ben has been in the luxury car/motorhome industry for the past 3 years and really enjoys spending one-on-one time with his customers to find exactly what they are looking for, while being respectful to their budget. Ben is a huge advocate for the Smart car brand and he currently drives a Smart Electric car as his daily commuter. He also has an affinity for exotic cars as he has most recently worked at the Ferrari/Maserati dealership prior to representing the Mercedes-Benz brand. When not at work he enjoys spending quality time with his four kids, golfing with his friends, playing billiards, and watching movies.

  • Ashlee Aguirre
    Sales & Leasing Specialist
    (503) 525-6230


    With a love for all things food and wine, it is no wonder that Ashlee finally landed in Portland. She has previously resided all over the country from Maui to Chicago, Illinois, and finally landing here at Mercedes-Benz of Portland. Though her experience in the automotive industry is just shy of two years she has always worked in customer service, whether it be in the hospitality industry or sales, she is always up for the challenge of learning new things. In her spare time she runs a food blog, tries new up and coming restaurants, is reading some form of book, or cheering on her favorite sports teams(Go Cubs!), sitting still is not something she is good at. Her love of food and addiction to yummy snacks makes her desk the perfect one to stop by, she always has something yummy hiding.

  • Lindsey Self
    Sales & Leasing Specialist
    (503) 525-6241


    Being a small town girl from Newberg, OR, I Recently moved to Portland area last year! I've been around the auto industry my whole life. My father being the biggest inspiration I have, his hard work of owning an auto repair business gave me the love and passion for automobiles. At the age of 14, we restored a 1986 Mercedes-Benz SL560 which became my very first car.

    Don't let these nails fool you, being raised in the country, I love taking the time to be outdoors any chance I can. Whether it's riding dirt bikes in the dunes, relaxing over candlelight dinners in Europe with a glass of red wine, snowboarding on Mt. Hood, or having fun in the sun snorkeling in the Costa Rica. I purchased one of the first CLA's in Oregon and forever was hooked into the Mercedes Benz family. I've always worked in customer service, most recently as a bartender. Having that outgoing interaction in meeting new personalities, I love sharing the same enthusiasm for Mercedes-Benz.

  • Jeremy Charmak
    Sales & Leasing Specialist


    Originally from San Francisco, Jeremy has enjoyed exploring the great northwest with his wife of 24 years, Kea, and daughter Clara. Clara is sixteen and enjoys playing basketball, often times with her dad. Outside of the dealership, Jeremy enjoys wine, education, cooking, basketball and the guitar. He has a total of 9 years in the automotive industry and prides himself on his goal of helping his customers find the car that best works for them, using a consultative approach. Jeremy is a master at providing his customers with an experience that is pleasant, without pressure and his customers have appreciated his professionalism and humor as well.

    The technological innovativeness of the Mercedes Benz product line and continuous new introductions drew Jeremy to Mercedes Benz of Portland but it is his colleagues that make him happy to come to work each day. He is thrilled to work in an environment that allows everyone to put the customers first. If you want to reach Jeremy with a vehicle inquiry, a new place for him to grab a pick-up game of basketball, or just great wine/food pairing, please feel free to contact him. He would enjoy hearing from you!